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Paintballing Loughbrough

Paintballing Loughbrough Loughborough

Paintballing is a fast, frenetic sport popular with people of all ages and skill level. Here at Rebel Paintball, we can assure you of group games to get your adrenaline pumping, and we’re ideally located for enthusiasts from Loughborough.

Whether you want to paintball with friends for a stag do, hen do or any other occasion, we can provide you with an awesome day out. Our ultimate paintball experience is also ideal as a team building activity, while we also cater for the young with kids’ paintball.

There are 10 exciting paintball games to choose from, and we can accommodate up to 120 players. So no matter how big your party is, if you have a thirst for action in the Loughborough region we can help.

Pipeline (Intel File)

Type of game: A fast-paced combination of defending your base while attacking a fortified area using covert tactics - the ultimate team game.

Description: The premise of the game is to target the enemy's fuel depot using covert tactics and utilising all available intelligence. The fuel depot is a crucial attribute for your enemy, so it will be heavily defended. This means that you will have to penetrate your enemy's outer defence and place explosive charges in the building where the depot is housed, effectively destroying it. The only obstacles to your victory are the defending team, who will not allow the depot to be destroyed - at any cost.

Bunker Hill (Intel File)

Paintballing Loughbrough Loughborough

Type of game: A brutal game involving brave attacking and an intense defensive fire fight.

Description: A 155mm Howitzer has been set up in a bunker on top of a hill in dense jungle terrain. Bunkers surrounding the Howitzer are controlled by the enemy and their Command Centre is based in one of them. The attacking team, carrying a Bergen full of explosives, must knock out the defending bunkers and Command Centre before destroying the Howitzer, whilst under enemy fire. Fortune favours the brave.

Outpost Victor Charlie (Intel File)

Type of game: A stealthy game combining attack and defence across different terrain.

Description: The game's objective is to locate and capture a box that contains secret intelligence data hclassden within enemy territory. Moving through woodland, open areas and streams in order to pass the enemy's outer defence, you must defend yourself at all costs. Once the box has been captured, it is vital that your team returns to its command hut in order to open the box in safety and win the paintball game.

The Convoy (Intel File)

Paintballing Loughbrough Loughborough

Type of game: Two teams attack each other to raid a vehicle convoy.

Description: A Military Convoy carrying essential supplies and equipment must stop to refuel. Two rival armed Rebel Groups attack the convoy to steal as many of the supplies for themselves. Both sides must attack again and again to retrieve the supplies. Amongst the anarchy each Rebel Group must also pilfer supplies from each other. Secure the spoils to win the game.

Crossover (Intel File)

Type of game: Attack and defence of territory.

Description: This mission involves tactics and bravery; you must capture your enemy's colours before infiltrating their base and hanging your own colours to show your enemy that their territory is now yours. Which way will you go? All-out attack to draw them out, or a more subtle approach?

VIP Bodyguard (Intel File)

Paintballing Loughbrough Loughborough

Type of game: A race against time by both teams to get their VIP to Safety.

Description: Set in a jungle village, each team has a VIP who must be escorted to a safe house. Both teams have to protect their VIP and try to assassinate the other teams VIP. Each team member must choose to put their life in danger either to protect or to be an assassin. What will you choose?

The Maze (Intel File)

Type of game: All out attack for both teams.

Description: A fast paced game zone where each team has to find a way through the netted maze to grab the flag first. They must then push forward into enemy fire to score 5 hits on the opposition's bell. Ring the bell to win the game. Do you have the balls!

Rebel Revenge (Intel File)

Paintballing Loughbrough Loughborough

Type of game: CLASSIFIED

Description: CLASSIFIED

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Paintballing Loughbrough Loughborough



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