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The paintball equipment used is integral to the experience; the more powerful and advanced the technology used in the manufacture of paintball equipment; the more realistic and engaging are the games. We are committed to providing you with a mind-blowing experience every time you play, and this is demonstrated by the quality and performance of the following exceptional paintball equipment.


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We provide all players with semi-automatic paintball guns that have a shooting distance of approximately 90ft and can fire up to 6 shots per second. Our standard paintball guns ensure an accurate, fast and unforgiving experience. That's a whole lot of paintball power!


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We have replica M16 paintball guns available to upgrade to on the day of your event, starting from £10.00. The M16 paintball gun offers better range and accuracy and a faster rate of fire. If you want to dominate the battlefield or shoot your way around the map special forces style; these guns are a must have.


Our smoke grenades give off a thick cloud of cover allowing you to make your strategic attack.

Paint grenades are a great way to eliminate multiple enemies - anyone within 5/10 feet of the blast will be out of the game.

Flash Bangs: The loud bang will disorientate the enemy for a few seconds, allowing you to make your key move to win the game.


Hoppers are the paintball magazineused to feed the paintballs into the gun and therefore provide the means for ammunition to be fired at your opponents. Holding up to 200 paintballs at any time and completely streamlined, they are the ultimate addition to your marker.


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We understand the importance of playing safe so we provide all players with a full head helmet incorporating an anti-fog lens. These masks are well ventilated, helping to prevent them from steaming up and reducing visibility during paintball games. The full head helmet ensures your entire head is protected, so no nasty shots to the back of the head. All this means that you are provided with the ultimate mask to enhance your game and playing pleasure every time you play!


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Many of our paintball games involve stealth and covert tactics, so it is vital that each player is suitably camouflaged to enable them to blend into their surroundings and slip past the enemy undetected. We supply each player with their own one-piece camouflage overall complete with a padded collar to protect your neck. Our combat suits come in a range of sizes to suit both children and adult players.


Attacking and defending territory can mean that you use a lot of ammunition, so it essential that you have plenty of back-up to help you continue with the game. After all, there's nothing worse than finding yourself deep inside enemy territory without enough ammunition to rely on in a standoff.

That's why we give each player the option of carrying extra ammunition thanks to our ammo pouches. Our Battlepacks allow you to carry up to an additional 400 paintballs.

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